Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No Blog For You!

I'm noticing a pattern here. Posting is very much related to my schedule. Having fun = No blogging.

So, apparently the past few weeks have been awesome. I've been up to The Last Resort (our cottage) more in the past three weeks than I have ever been in my entire life. A chunk of every week is spent up there and I've tremendously enjoyed the time. Swimming daily (in a lake! I get psyched just thinking about it), reading a lot (Velvet Elvis was and is great), playing music, chopping wood, lying in a hammock ... yeah, it's been pretty rough.

Big News! Well, pre-big news – I've got a demo together of some acoustic stuff that Jeff recorded for me in a big wood lecture hall at school. Although it has nothing to do with the tracks we've been working on for the past year, it feels great to have something to show for the two parking tickets and falafel filled day on the UofT campus. I may just follow suit (Chuck and Marge) and start a new blog that details the comings and goings of this 'fod' project. Apparently I should at least post explanations to the songs. Mom and Dad don't think anyone will understand what I'm going on about.

I finished working at Hope Community Church last Sunday and the people there gave me the most incredible Goodbye. I really didn't expect much after only having been there for a few months, but they made me feel like a champ. I really was caught off guard at how much of a bond developed over this short period of time.

Last week was rad, it was like Uxbridge Week. I was up there on Thursday and Saturday, and it was so great to meet (or re-meet in some cases) many people who make me smile. The Ottenhofs, some of the many Huizengas, the Perrotts, Gracie, and hearing Caitlin perform was a treat. Her voice reminds me of Karis(sp?) - another great singer/songwriter. It was also really good to hook up with James MacKnight, a fellow aspiring musician and blast from the past, so to speak. He wrote a note about the Ux promoting a healthy and relational lifestyle, it's so true. Not that it's a utopia or anything, but I hope that more people with a similar mentality discover themselves living there that so the town can continue growing in the way it is.

Okay, confession time. I've cycled through liking/not liking a certain artist for a few years now. But after listening to The Con all morning, I'm ... intrigued once again. Does anyone else out there like Tegan and Sara? Maybe even enough to go see a show early in October?

Ending with a question seems appropriate, so I'll do that ... hm, I guess this new ending just screwed that up ... or did it?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Time to Relax

Tomorrow is my last day at this teaching job.
It has been a stretching experience Рone I probably wouldn't have done if I knew what I know now. It's too soon to tell whether this feeling I'm experiencing right now is the satisfaction of achievement or merely the relief of being done. Not that it was all bad. I had a great time with the kids and the people I worked with. I'm leaving with some great stories and some good experience under my belt. (I wonder if anyone has ever started to title a resum̩ 'Under My Belt' and then stopped to consider the ambiguity.) I've just finished creating the final test for these kids and I'm so looking forward to some quality down-time.

Take it away Mika.