Thursday, April 19, 2007

One Step Closer to Nowhere

My hands haven't stopped shaking in a week. It makes typing fun. It makes formal introductions awkward. It makes me anticipate next week all the more.

I started a full-time 'Teaching English as a Second Language Course' on Monday. The same week all my finals are due. It's not pretty, and neither is she. It's foreign to me, being prone to pessimism. Maybe this whole cycle will deteriorate into a spiritual re-awakening. That would be great, although I'd much rather that process occur while I'm sleeping.

For the moment, my spiritual re-awakening will be postponed - I can't hit rock-bottom when I've just finished an exam, the sun's shining and I'm going out for dinner with friends. I'll put it off, hitting rock-bottom can wait. I guess that temporarily makes procrastination a good thing?

Monday, April 2, 2007

Two Awesome

Two Awesome
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We've decided that next year's Mustache March will have a more noble cause besides getting laughed at on the subway and requests to shave.

It'll be a Mustache Marathon, to raise money for a charitable organization. A worthy cause is the only thing that could drag me back to that heinous grooming again.

I'm not completely comfortable admitting that I actually enjoyed it, but I did.

Get ready folks, Mustache March 2008 is a mere 11 months around the corner!