Monday, October 29, 2007

'F' words

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A life-altering circumstance is the only thing that could ever drag me out of a posting slump, well ... that and Matt Mitchell told me he likes to read my blog. This one's for you Matt.

I WENT UP THE CN TOWER! I've been close enough to touch the city's phallus before, but this trip was a first for this Torontonian of thirteen years. It was so rad to be up there with Mel and Ash. This is something we've talked about doing since I first met the Aussie ... although I'm pretty sure it was after I proposed to her. (Don't freak out ma, we haven't set a date yet.)

It was also really great because the sun set while we were up there – very beautiful. There was certainly potential for a romantic moment. Although, the closest thing to romance that occurred was Mel getting hit on by some older, asian men, which she responded to by slowly turning away. Mel the heartbreaker, strikes again!

It was cool to look down beyond my feet, floating hundreds of metres above the concrete. The glass floor was pretty awesome. People moved a safe disctance away when I jumped a few times to test the strength of the transparent floor. Funny how it psychs you out. I asked a staff member who was monitoring my experiment how often they perform maintenance on the glass floor. Once a year. At first that didn't seem like nearly enough, but when you compare it to any other building ...

We ate dinner at Fran's (College/Yonge) as a part of our Farewell to Ash evening. It was nice to spend time with this gal over the past few weeks. She's one of those people who remind you how fun it is not to take yourself too seriously. It's easy to adore people like that and I know I'm definitely not the only one who's looking forward to seeing her again.

*le sigh*

Gooooood times.