Tuesday, June 24, 2008

fodTunes smashes Tapes

Hey friends and e-friends alike,

You may not believe me, but I wanted to be among the first to tell you ... there is this new thing called iTunes that plays music and videos. I really believe in technology, so I am hoping to bring them fame by allowing them to sell digital copies of my songs.

If you believe in technology too, don't buy tapes any longer. They are the way of the past. Help out this fledgling company by clicking on their cool logo below...

If you are still old school like stale biscuits, you can click the album below and receive the opportunity to buy a piece of history that matches your attitude.

FOD: The Sheraton Sessions

Thanks a bunch to my wonderful friends Jeff Muir, for recording my voice and guitar at the same time, and Margaret Lim, for covering everything with a bark-like paper.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Next President – A Superficial Prediction

Despite my genuine patriotism and general lack of interest in politics, it's hard not to notice the political heat getting cranked up South of the border. Whether or not the upcoming election will boast a diversity of platforms, which would be the ideal in a 'democratic' nation, at least there is an obvious VISUAL diversity. As a result, the vote is simplified, and for that, sirs (no ma'am here anymore), the citizens of America thank you.

Though unnecessary, the American media will most definitely broadcast the crap out of this 'fight' to the bitter end, milking every last ounce of attention from slack-jawed viewers. But really folks, let's be honest – regardless of policies and promises, unless he leaves his current straight and narrow to do something really stupid – Obama is as good as in. (I was going to say he's a shoe-in, but I'm not sure he's being shooed anywhere.)

Why is Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. going to be the next president of America? Well, because he looks better on TV of course!

Let's run through a completely superficial list of potential reference for our neighbo(u)rs of voting age.

McCAIN is old (72 at the end of August)
OBAMA is young ... well, relatively (47 at the beginning of August)

McCAIN is white (white is so ... oh, I don't know ... 1860's?)
OBAMA is black (suddenly, for US politics, black is the new black)

McCAIN is unhealthy (whether he's in good shape or not, the man makes heart failure look like a distinct possibility ... or choking on a pretzel, or whatever a Cheney look-a-like would do)
OBAMA is healthy (I'm no doctor, but it serves us well to recognize that he doesn't LOOK unhealthy)

The American public wants 'change'. They're screaming for it. Who do you think they're going to choose: a guy who looks like every other president they've ever had ... ever, or a guy who doesn't.