Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rain, Rain (go) Away

As I push the pedal closer to the floor, droplets of rain rush to the upper corners of my windshield. I applied a product called Rain Away last week and, though I'll never really look forward to gloomy weather, I've been anticipating a chance to test this stuff out. 

Well, it's a success. Consider Rain Away recommended. My wipers are off and it looks increasingly like I'm moving at warp speed. 

You may call me Luke.

The past couple of weeks have been very full. Full-time work and part-time social life still leaves a bit of room for family, which is nice ... when they're here. Chuck's in Chicago and the 'rents are at the cottage so I've got a very silent house to myself. It's a good night to be alone. I'm feeling especially tired tonight – mind and body tired –here's hoping this makes for a good sleep ... right after this ...

I had a moment, for the second time this week, where I wished I could stop everything and take a picture. The first was prompted by hundreds of smokestacks/vents from a building south of the 4o1 in Whitby. The second I spotted on the way home tonight. Slick with rain, the concrete dividers were reflecting tail lights as our mirror image shifted in a staggered rhythm along the uneven, glassy surface. With the lilt of some sweet French folk music (90.3FM) and the dreamy after-state that only comes at the end of a long day, it felt like I was in a music video. Not that I could capture that on film, but the longing to do so was a part of the moment. 

Right. I'm wondering if this'll make sense when I read it tomorrow?

Either way, bon nuit.