Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Saudi TV Debate

The subtitles go quickly at some points, but I appreciated the intelligent and specific arguments of this Islamic woman.

It is not often that dissenting views are expressed so well in this context and it is interesting to think of the implications. Taken to an extreme, Islam may be headed toward some sort of reformation. I find myself thinking about what a resulting religion would look like decades down the road.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Subway, eat lots.

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I'd like to say we were kind, even charming, but the truth is we didn't have to say much to the delinquent staff at this undisclosed Subway location.

I believe it was Joseph who commented that, despite the staff's lack of faith in their baking abilities, we were willing to eat anything, as long as it came in large quantities.

The tray was delivered to our table along with a smile after we had started our subs.

I think we got through half of them before the manager arrived for her shift and cut our little party short with a curt, "I'll take that!" as she snatched the tray of overcooked, yet delicious cookies from us.

Moral of the story? Gorge while you still can.