Thursday, August 14, 2008

CN Tower Dwarfed

It's old news now I guess, but as of mid-June the Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower) is over 100 m taller than our cute, little CN tower. What was once the tallest freestanding structure in the world is now ... not.

So, what's your claim to fame now Toronto? ... Multiculturalism? Unfortunately, that doesn't make for a very impressive skyline. That said, 'Most Multicultural' definitely has a nice ring to it ... a polyphonous ring ... a not-a-major-tourist-attraction kind of ring.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Story Time with Uncle Dave

My neighbours were getting into their car when I complimented them on their clothes.

"Looking good!" I said.

"Why thank you!" She sounded pleased.

She really did look good in her high-collared, white summer dress with black flowers on it. Her husband was equally bold in his freshly-pressed black golf shirt and black pants.

It was such a good start to the conversation, I just rolled with it ...

"I guess you're headed somewhere fancy tonight!"

Her response was emotionless, "We're going to a funeral."


So, above is a picture of the beautiful job I did paring the overgrown lawn back to reveal the never-before-seen edge of our driveway. I'm not going to say my efforts were an attempt to appease karmic law, but I was definitely at least partially motivated by the lesser cousin of guilt ... What's his name? ... Regret?