Monday, March 10, 2008

One Wicked-Good Friday Evening

Tom Fun Orchestra
Originally uploaded by the fod.
2 Sweet Friends
2 Servings of Delicious Roast and vegetables
6 Photos involving an incredibly awesome mustache
3 Doors away from The Dakota
1 Buddy who runs 'tings (and gets people in for free)
1 Drunk Dude that Dances like a disjointed ape with confused girls and speakers that don't support his weight
4 Bands – Including:
1 Forgettable Band who's singer warbles like a goat
1 Band that reminds me of The Band (They even had their own Garth Hudson)
1 Exceptional and Hilarious Band (Tom Fun Orchestra)
5 Makeup-Wearing Music-Theatre Grads that I gave the benefit of the doubt and immediately regretted staying around for
1 TTC token saved and some quality time with a good friend on ...
1 Slippery Ride Home
2.5 Hours Past Midnight
1 Contented Boy

Monday, March 3, 2008

Johnny Cash and the Great American Contradiction

If you're into Cash, books, or wranglin' – there's an event on the dirt-streaked side of academia coming to you.

Here's the deets:

Crux Books Inc. & CRC Campus Ministries
with “Music, Prophecy and Culture”

The Man in Black @ U of T!!!

A Free Book Launch and Lecture by Rodney Clapp

With Musical Performances in Honour of Johnny Cash by:

Michael Iafrate
Zoe Neuman
Tom Reynolds
Felicity Williams
Together with a host of other supporting musicians!

Tuesday, March 11th
Leonard Hall @ Wycliffe College
5 Hoskin Ave.
Toronto, ON M5S 1H7

This evening is presented to you by:

Crux Books Inc.