Thursday, May 10, 2007

... like dinner.

Whew! I was worried I had forgotten my password for this thing. No such luck! You are subjected to yet another blog by the ever-changing fod.

After a very long month of sympathetic friends becoming slightly annoyed acquaintances, rejected by my self-imposed isolation ... I have finished my plague, ahem ... uh, I mean, paper. It was a Thursday late night as I topped off the word-count and moved on to do a quick two-pager for this TESL course, but I slept like a crashed plane knowing that I had torn through a forest of trees and found my rest at last.

That said, I'll review this monster before I send it off tonight and make sure it's not utter nonsense for the last five pages (which I don't really remember writing). Then off to work, an exam tomorrow, and out to see Margaret's award-winning creations on Friday afternoon. (That girl is brilliant.)

If you're not doing anything this Saturday, I'm playing a show in Ajax with Chuck and Jeff (Sir Muir). If their faces are any indication ... it should be a good time! Details and awkward photo at: